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Access cultural heritage data from across Europe

Boosting 3D in the data space

The Twin it! campaign is collecting high-quality and inspiring samples of Europe’s cultural heritage in 3D.

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About the data space

The common European data space for cultural heritage is a European Union flagship to accelerate the digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector.

It comprises cutting-edge infrastructure, a vibrant community and a suite of products, frameworks and tools which facilitate the open and trustworthy sharing of heritage data across Europe. It empowers the sector through capacity-building opportunities and supports digital strategies for cultural heritage in Europe.

Built upon the work of the Europeana Initiative, and together with 13 other data spaces, it’s central in Europe’s ambition for a thriving, data-driven society.

The data spaces ecosystem

Data spaces are an initiative of the European Commission, central to the ambitions of the European data strategy. Together, they will harness the value of data for the benefit of Europe's economy and society.

14 data spaces in strategic and public interest domains - from manufacturing and health to media and cultural heritage - make up this thriving ecosystem. The Data Spaces Support Centre acts as a platform for collaboration across data spaces.

A data space for good

The data space increases participation in Europe's cultural heritage and promotes digital culture as a public good. It offers access to high-quality data, with an emphasis on 3D, and encourages people to reuse it and find new value in it.

The data space for cultural heritage will be interoperable with other data spaces, enabling standardised data flows, innovation and discovery.

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Europeana Initiative

The data space builds on 15 years of experience of the Europeana Initiative - from technology, to data sharing, from community building to encouraging reuse. The Initiative is formed of three interlinked organisations: the Europeana Foundation, the Europeana Network Association, and the Europeana Aggregators’ Forum.

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News from the data space

Discover the latest developments taking place across the common European data space for cultural heritage.

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Explore the data offer

The data space offers access to rich, high-quality and multilingual heritage data.


The data space is built on the foundation of Europeana.eu, which provides access to over 57 million digitised items shared by cultural heritage institutions across Europe - from books, paintings, maps and manuscripts to audiovisual material. Educators, researchers, creatives and citizens can explore and reuse this data in innovative ways. The data space will expand on this existing data offer, increasing the amount of 3D and new types of media objects.

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Data space products

The data space offers digital products which facilitate data sharing, support data reuse and empower professionals to work with and enrich high-quality heritage data.

A website for those working in cultural heritage, offering tools, frameworks, news and events from the data space.

A dashboard which offers detailed information about the live data available through Europeana.eu.

An ingestion, aggregation and enrichment pipeline for cultural heritage institutions - via aggregators - to share data.

Interfaces allowing anyone to build digital applications and projects with Europeana.eu’s cultural heritage data.

The data space in numbers

Millions of items and thousands of collaborations - discover the key figures behind the data space for cultural heritage.

58,000,000 +
4,500 +
Network members
3,500 +
Data Providers
Increase in high-quality data per year
13,000,000 +
Monthly API requests, on average

Projects supporting the data space

Dedicated EU-funded projects grow and enrich the data space by delivering high-quality data, creating opportunities for its reuse and developing digital tools which support work in the cultural heritage sector.

Promotes an inclusive and respectful approach to data and metadata of heritage collections, via AI and other methods.

Supports small cultural heritage institutions to digitise, model, manage and enrich 3D assets in the data space.

Enriches and increases 3D content in the data space while fostering its reuse for education, tourism and creativity.

Develops a platform with resources, tools and capacity building to support the application of AI across the data space.

The Europeana Network Association

As part of the Europeana Initiative the Europeana Network Association is a strong and democratic community of experts, united by a shared mission to expand and improve access to Europe's digital cultural heritage. It is made up of seven communities organised by interest area. The network is free to join and we invite anyone from all data spaces, industries and countries to join.

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